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Meet Chewy

Hi Everyone

I am Chewy

 As of 1/8/22 I am 1y 7m 16d old. 

My new mommy instead of spending thousands of dollars on a brand new breed dog decided to save my life instead. Something moved her heart as she scrolled looking for a new friend. She found me at the Wisconsin Humane Society and drove all the way to green bay on December 19th, 2021  to meet me and take me home. 

I start training on January 13th, 2022 mommy appreciates your patience and dedicated this section of her website to introduce me. Until I learn to behave and respect spaces. I have a really awesome space set up in mommy's finished basement with all my toys. It is nice, big, cozy and guess what? I have my very own fire place. 

I am not allowed in mommy's work or customer meet space. But mommy is the one that works with me on a daily basis so she might have some hair on her so I apologize in advance. Even though she changes coats and clothes every time she spends time with me.

Save a life Green Bay Campus - Wisconsin Humane Society

Update!! Guess who graduated from beginners class and learned a few tricks? However, he still in the learning process. 

We appreciate your patience. 2/24/22

God Bless!

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